Assistant PR Manager (Hospitality & Events)

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Assistant PR Manager (Hospitality & Events)
Full Time
a) To supervise all activities related to COMPANY’s participation in events, hospitality and social activities both locally and abroad including preparation for any signing ceremonies for GM or GMCM. b) Gives input and assists in preparation of annual operational plan and budget of Hospitality and Events Section. c) Defines technical requirements for events/exhibition stand and supervises the implementation of the stand in accordance with agreed design requirement. d) Facilitates and supervises COMPANY utilization of resources during participation at the events and manning of exhibition stand. e) Supervises stock movements and distribution of giveaway items and gifts. f) Arranges and supervises all activities at the reception and on the peripherals of stand during events and exhibitions. g) Facilitates and coordinates media channels and communication related to the events abroad. h) Manages and coordinates all arrangements relating to visit schedules for VIP guests, accompanying them on their visit if required.
Bachelor degree in Event Management/Exhibition or Business Administration or equivalent. 9 years experience in all areas of Public Relations in the oil or petrochemical industry. Very good knowledge of spoken and written English and Arabic Computer literate
6 - 9 Years.
Mona adel


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