HR Manager - Sphinx Glass

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Sphinx Glass
HR Manager
Excellent English language skills
Egypt (El Sadat City)
Full Time
1-Developing and implementing strategic human resources plans and functions to meet business needs. 2-planning and implementing policies related to all phases of human resources activities. 3-developing and implementing employee development, succession planning, training, organizational planning & development, recruitment, manpower planning, performance appraisals, labor relations, compensation, benefits and records. 4-direct development and application of techniques of job analysis, job descriptions, evaluations and grading.
1. To be acquainted with different computer programs. 2. Awareness of management by objectives. 3. Posses strong communication and administrative skills. 4. Very good oral, written and presentation skills. 5. Ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups. 6. Demonstrated innovation, creativity and problem solving skills. 7. Ability to analyze and innovate in order to plan and develop both the business and the employees in the HR department.
10-15 Years.
Location El Sadat City
Reham Ahmed