Fresh Graduate Financial Advisor - Commercial International Life Insurance ( CIL )

Commercial International Life Insurance ( CIL )
Financial Advisor
English is a must
Full Time
Financial Advisor (Sales Indoor in CIB branches) To provide sales and technical support to bank on product details, benefit illustrations, insurance policies, etc. Also to support bank when prospects have unique requirements that cannot be met by the available packages, such as requiring complex savings plans or detailed advice, or with loan debt obligations elsewhere, and needing protection.To act as the link between the bank staff and the company, in terms of collecting completed application forms, and proofs of initial premium payments and submitting them to the company.To be responsible for the companys kiosks in the branches and replenishment of brochures, corporate profiles, applications and benefit illustration forms, by monitoring branch supplies and requesting supplies from Marketing Department.To monitor and follow up bank activities related to approaching prospects to arrange for meetings and selling life insurance to these prospects and be responsible for the weekly, monthly, and annual activity reporting required by the company, for the assigned branches.Each Financial Advisor will be responsible for supporting a number of branches and will divide their time and effort between these branches appropriately.
0-2 years sales or marketing experience.Preferably Business Administration or Economics major, or English Section of any Faculty of Commerce from a National University.Fluent in English.Good verbal communications skills essential.Self-motivating, confident and strong personality Flexibility to work in multiple branches. Presentable appearance
English Language
0 Years.
Owns a car


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