Junior Customer Service Agent Spare Parts - HCH Supply Co. With Salary Up To 4500 LE

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HCH Supply Co.
Customer Service Agent Spare Parts
English Language: Sufficient knowledge to perform the job.
Full Time
Typically, the role is split between the office and customers premises as follows: - 1- Sales / After sales activities  Manage spare parts requests process and schedules  Issuing quotations as per customer request  Placing spare parts sales order as per purchase orders  Maintaining KPIs for the spare parts process and supervise the logistics agent  Liaising with and working alongside logistics.  Offering feedback on future spare parts development or replacement, features and functions 2- Customer Service Activities  Responding to customer call-outs;  Evaluating and resolving problems related to spare parts and logistics;  Monitoring and assisting with order shipping and delivery;  Monitoring the performance of ordering / CS logistics agent; maintaining ordering records; and client’s database related to SP.  Providing customers with regular reports and feedback on their service requests;  Developing and maintaining relationships with customers through periodic meetings and events related to SP 3- Management Activities  Issuing progress reports, highlighting achievements and challenges related to SP  Provide collection department with invoices and due dates  Monitoring and assisting with Solar spare parts sales target achievement  Maintaining the SP system and process; provide data to team members when needed and take corrective actions
 Bachelor Degree – Relative Engineering Specialization - from a recognizable University.  2 years of experience with considerable amount of work-related skill, and knowledge.
1 - 2 Years.
 Computers and Electronics: PC with all MS applications / CSM Software / Black Berry  Education & Training: Training in shipping process and documents / CSM Software  Communication Skills  Writing skills  Time management  Learning strategies  Critical Thinking  Complex problem solving  Coordination  Written comprehension & expression  Oral Comprehension & Expression  Deductive & Inductive Reasoning  Problem Sensitivity  Speech Clarity
2600 - 4500
Sherine Hussine


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