Assistant Controller

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Assistant Controller
English Arabic
Full Time
- Maintain integrity of financial information by ensuring that various sources of information are matching up with each other - Follow up with healthcare sector controller where appropriate to ensure corrective actions are taken to comply with accounting directives, Management reporting & adhoc analytics. - Analyze key financial data pertaining to BS, P&L, statistical information …etc. - Identify areas of attention for follow up either directly in the organization or for escalation based on trends or significant deviations from history. - Generate key reports mandatory for forecasting and planning. - Participate in deep dives to look into business drivers and facilitate information gathering and presentation. - Liaise with Shared Business Centers. - Manage the timeliness of management reporting.
- Bachelors degree in accounting. - Strong knowledge of financial transactions and accounting principles - Exceptional Excel modeling & reporting skills - Good communications and interpersonal skills - Ability to operate as a true Business Partner - Talent for Developing Analytical models and working through data - 3-5 years experience in accounting/finance (preferably in a reputable audit firm)
3 - 5 Years.
Aya El Atrash

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