Corporate Lawyer - Misr Elkheir Foundation

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Misr Elkheir Foundation
Corporate Lawyer
Bilingual, English/Arabic Spoken and written
Full Time
CL advises the top management on the foundation’s legal rights and obligations. As an advisor, the CL may represent the foundation in both criminal and civil court cases. Should provide guidance on labor relations, employee contracts , tax issues and suits against the corporation, employee injury and contracts. Should manage relationship and maintain strong links with external lawyers, regulators and portfolio and asset managers on a daily basis. Advises the management concerning activity transactions, claims liability,advisability or corporate rights and obligations. -Understands and keeps self updated with local government laws and regulations to ensure that foundation’s works within the legal boundaries. -Researches , prepares/files legal briefs, develops strategies, arguments and testimony in preparation for presentation cases. Prepares activity related contracts, settles labor disputes and administers others legal matters. He/she also keeps top management up to date on new relevant laws and regulations. CL provides advice on labor relations, employee contracts, tax issues, suits against the corporation, employee injury and contracts with suppliers of the foundation.
Bachelor’s degree in law is a must and post graduate especially in the corporate law is a plus.
10-15 Years.
excellent communication skills, leadership skills
Kindly write the job title in your e-mail subject and attached a recent photo to your application
Gamal Moustafa


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