Fresh Graduate Best in Class Program - Siemens Technologies S.A.E.

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Siemens Technologies S.A.E.
Best in Class Program - 41994
Full Time
* Best in class program is a local training program for undergraduates in 3rd year and 4th years. Participants will have the opportunity to join our sectors (Energy, Industry and Health Care). They will have the opportunity to join our sales, service & project teams to get the work experience in 4 weeks. A group mentor will provide guidance and advice to ensure best development. In addition, there is a group competition and Jury to choose the best group
* Undergraduates in 3rd and 4th years * Excellent academic credentials in one of the following disciplines: Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Engineering), Commerce * Excellent Command of English and Arabic, German Language is preferred * Previous internships in multinationals is desirable * Strong ability to learn, strong communication skills and team player * Extracurricular activities are desirable
0 Years.
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