Internal Control Manager - Huawei

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Internal Control Manager
Full Time
1. Responsible for maintaining and implementing internal control tool method, Improve the efficiency and effect of internal control; 2. Responsible for internal control environment, conduct internal control training and publicity; 3. Responsible for oversight and review of internal control of your work and make recommendations for improvement; 4. Responsible for supporting office internal control work carried out; 5. Follow up the implementation of the recommendations to improve internal control issues;
1. Financial, accounting, economics, management and engineering backgrounds, Bachelor degree or above, the work can be done in English language; 2. 3 years of internal control, internal audit, external audit, audit, process optimization experience; or 3 years of financial, funding, purchasing, sales, asset management experience, CPA, ACCA, CIA highly preferred; 3. Has strong organizational, communication, coordination; 4. Familiar with the internal working of a business;
3 - 5 Years.
Muhammed Ellabban


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