Junior Branch Accountant - Union Group

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Union Group
Branch Accountant
Very good English
Full Time
A branch accountant ensures that a branchs policies, controls and guidelines comply with procedures of the home office--that is, the parent company--and are adequate and effective. An effective control provides appropriate solutions to internal problems. An accounting expert also ensures that a branchs data comply with generally accepted accounting principles and are "fair" and complete. "Fair" means correct or objective in business or accounting parlance. Complete financial records include balance sheets and statements of income, cash flow and shareholders equity
Very good English Advance excel 1-2 years accounts receivable and general accounting experience.
Accounting/ English
1 - 2 Years.
Transportation - Profit share - Medical & Social Insurance
Please mention Branch Accountant in the subject line of your e-mail to : hr_recruitment@uniongroup.com.eg
Mr.Mostafa Shehab