Junior IT Coordinator - Alkan Telecom / CIT

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Alkan Telecom  / CIT
IT Coordinator
Full Time
1. Receiving Task Requests from Clients. 2. Assign The Task Request to Technical support. 3. Follow‐up until the task closed. 4. Follow‐up with some clients to achieve customer satisfaction. 5. Digital filing for all documents such as invoices, custodies, contracts, and maintenance receipts. 6. Filling for all documents. 7. Follow‐up expenses stock balance and reorder required items. 8. Initial P‐R and I‐R. 9. Reporting and follow‐up P‐R. 10. Send, follow‐up and receive maintained items and all related document. 11. Reporting and follow‐up all department IT needs. 12. Handling meeting issues and prepare results. 13. Coordinate and follow‐up IT team vacations, permissions and missions. 14. Coordinate between all of IT team (technical Data, completed tasks, weakness points …etc). 15. Making technical diagrams for all departments troubleshooting to determine the weakness points. 16. Send start up emails for every new user (except Managerial level). 17. Check all received purchased items and make sure that it’s acceptable. 18. Prepare the custody after receiving data from the technical and follow-up 19. Signature. 20. Responsible for issue request return of all items (fixed and expenses). 21. Prepare, update and follow-up answers for FAQ in a presentable way. 22. Register items invoices. 23. Feedback for any opened Issues. 24. Handle periodical visits according to maintenance contract. 25. Act as a backup for help desk tasks.
1. Computer Science or Microsoft Certified as ICDL. 2. 2-3 year experience as an Coordinator.
1 - 2 Years.
ICDL Certified is a must
Rola Tawfek


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