Junior Professional Blogger

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Professional Blogger
Excellent written and verbal
Full Time
Develop and Maintain Corporate blogs,Perform continuous enhancements and modifications to blogs,Use latest syndication and blogging tools with HTML when appropriate,Research and write articles in conversations style,which engages readers,Ensure Blog(s) are accessible from a variety of different environments ,promote company objectives with each blog article,use online and offline social networking techniques for collaboration with people inside and outside the organization,Create image links maintain quality assurance,Troubleshoot and repair bugs and problems,Respond Promptly to blog comments and email,Act as liaison between blog readers and corporation
Possess engaging "conversational" Writing skills with a professional posture,must have be published by a recognized organization or have published blogs with confirmed reader visit statistics,ability to evaluate new and evolving blog technologies,ability to use syndication,ability to utilize reporting tools for analysis of traffics,ability to evaluate new and evolving blogging technologies,Skill in the use of computerized blog layout and design software,Proofreading and editing skills,ability to include corporate objectives and mission throughout blog presentation,Assist management in identifying opportunities based on new developments in the blogsphere,Develop collaborative partnerships online and offline,Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in diverse community.
Information Technology
1 - 2 Years.
medical insurance - bonus
Seif Younes


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