Marketing Assistant - Paste & Juice Co.

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Paste & Juice Co.
Marketing Assistant
Full Time
Research to identify clients , sector opportunities and competition, Internet research for competitors outside Egypt ,Assisting in writing and editing sales and marketing materials which include articles, presentations and so on, Arrange events including meetings ,trade shows and exhibits, Serving as liaison between advertising agencies and the company, Updating company headlines and news in the corporate website, helping in product development, Attend trade shows and events, Executing and analyzing results of advertisement and marketing campaigns, Maintaining and updating customer databases, Assist in filing and responsible for correspondence.
Bachelors Degree , Knowledge & experience with designing application (Adobe photo shop, illustrator ,etc )experience in marketing , Strong communication skills ,Ability to identify and prioritize business initiatives based on business strategy, Delivering business initiatives with cross-functional teams, Knowledge of Consumer Goods , Food service experience is a plus, Position will require travel if needed.
3 - 5 Years.
Ms office + a knowledge &experience in adobe photoshop ,illustrator ,etc)
Mrs. Heba El Wardany

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  1. Mrs heba please try to help people
    why every position is need experience once all people who seeking for job is new graduated
    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?
    why we say that we should say we should elimination of unemployment
    and we don`t i am sure that will not coming in one day but you should give us the chance and train us to get the job because we have a lot of needs