Sales Finance Manager - Huawei

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Sales Finance Manager
Fluent Arabic and English.
Full Time
-To research on market of telecom carriers, including their financial reports, business plans . -To acquire, identify and analyze customer’s financing requirement, and prepare competitive solutions to help sales account manager realize quarterly contract sale amount and good risk control. -To explore the cooperation with financing institute and recommend financing project for purpose of payment collection or sales financing. -To negotiate with clients and financial institutions, be responsible for raising funds and operating these projects. -Initiate and organize the company’s review for financing solution with fully exposure of risk and risk control.
-Over 10 years experience on structured finance or sales finance or factoring or forfeiting at international banks, or equivalent experience at multinational equipment providers. -Strong capabilities for solution design, information collection and financial data analysis and risk management. -Result-oriented, initiative, analytics. -Good team player. -Good attitude and performance under high pressure. -Familiar with law related to international trade and finance. -Resourceful, and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. -Experience in negotiation on term of financing agreement.
10-15 Years.
Please write in the subject: ( AM/ Sales Finance Manager), Otherwise the CV shall be ignored.
Sherry Zarif


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