Fresh Graduate Demand Planner - Danone Egypt

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Danone Egypt
Demand Planner 
Excellent written and spoken English.
Full Time
-Managing short & long term demand planning process & applying forecasting processes and methods -Marketing & Sales Activities" assessment & analysis & provide business input for future Business activities -Building & continues updating baseline forecast -Assembling and analyzing all data pertinent to creating the sales forecast (historical sales, market trends, seasonality, promotions, business drivers) -Developing weekly rolling forecast -Leading weekly forecast meeting with weekly forecast Analysis through which w-1 FA, Returns, load backs is discussed with Action plan & w+1 forecast is discussed & agreed -Leading monthly demand meeting with M-1 FA/Bias/Error is discussed & 6-12 month rolling forecast is discussed & Agreed -Relating & highlighting the effect of different KPIs to volume growth (OOS, Forecast accuracy) -Managing & Improving Demand planning KPI's ( w-1/M-1/M-2/M-3 forecast accuracy ) -Ensuring returns & load backs are within budget -Handling the volume assumptions & different scenarios for new launches -Generating weekly and monthly statistical forecast reports -Continuously improving forecasting technique, method, and approach -Evolving and maintaining documentation and standard operating procedures for demand planning processes -Monitor SKU levels and recommend SKU rationalization initiatives in the future
•Bachelor Degree in Engineering, preferably Mechanical,economics,actuarial sciences.
0 Years.
• Self Confident, Logical Thinker and Problem Solver • Leadership and Communication skills are essential
Please mention Job title in subject line while sending your cv.
Reem Anis

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  1. could you please provide the deadlines for posting our applications?