Fresh Graduate uFollow Specialist - Hindawi Publishing Corporation

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Hindawi Publishing Corporation
uFollow Specialist
Spoken English with a TOEFL score not less than 550.
Full Time
The role of uFollow Content Acquisition Specialist (Researcher) is to search for and enter data of sources (newspapers, magazines, and blogs) approved for coverage in uFollow by uFollow Developer. The Researcher searches for and enters the title, description, URL, and RSS feed of each source assigned to him/her. The Researcher is also responsible for adding the contributors writing in these sources, searching for a biography and a photo for each contributor he/she adds, and uploading them to the system.
1. Bachelor’s degree. 2. Strong command of both written and spoken English. 3. 0–2 years of general work experience. 4. Extensive experience in using the Internet. 5. Accuracy, efficiency, hard working, attention to details, cooperation and strong team spirit, good communication skills, and great organization skills. 6. Ability to plan and prioritize work.
0 Years.
1. Very good Computer skills. 2. Accurate, hard worker, attentive to details, cooperative and team player, has good communication skills, highly organized, self-motivated, problem solver, has time management skills and able to plan and prioritize work
Less than 1500
Mai Fayez


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