Junior Administrative & Media Assistant - Risk Free Group

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Risk Free Group
Administrative & Media Assistant
Full Time
•Read All Arab and Egyptian newspapers. ••Send daily media summary report at 10:30 AM. •Reports on important topics concerning the work of the company. •Design & update of Contact Database on a daily basis. •Weekly report about global issues concerning the companys interests. •Scan and form a power point presentation on all related subject news that are of the company’s interest: o News about the company o Risk management o Brand protection o Accidents o Pro & con opinions regarding the police force •Informing Brand Protection Coordinator with any news concerning this area. •Recording of any media coverage regarding the company. •Arranging gratuities & greeting cards for different occasions. •Assist and help Office manager.
Applicants should ideally possess flexibility, be able to adapt to constantly changing demands and show themselves capable of taking on new and unfamiliar tasks. They should be competent at multi-tasking, as they will frequently find themselves in the center of everything happening in the office. Should have good communication skills and capable of human interaction.
1 - 2 Years.
Dalia Youssef


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