Junior Network Surveillance Engineer - Telecomax Group

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Telecomax Group
Network Surveillance Engineer 
English is must.
Full Time
1. Network supervision 24/7 to assure immediate alarm and problems detection. 2. First line of analysis and troubleshooting for detected problems. 3. Dispatching, Escalation and notification for problems and interacting with different support team. 4. Following up until the end solution of the problem Adhere to SLAs committed and ensure proper follow up of network faults until closure 6. Ensure problems reporting, periodical reporting. 7. Assuring the maximum level of network availability. 8. Manage Customer Satisfaction Within Network Performance. 9. Produce regular reports on the status of the network in a timely manner with up to date information on the evolving network. 10. Standby 24 x 7 and able to react to Critical Network Faults.
1. Bachelors or masters of telecommunication major. 2. At least 1 years related work experience in Telecom network operation and maintenance 3. Excellent communication skill, Fluent English as working language, Arabic is better. 4. Interest on technical & process tasks with self-study skills
Communication & Electronics
1 - 2 Years.
Full Package.
Motaz Yahia


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