Junior Payroll and Personnel Specialist - Telecomax Group

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Telecomax Group
Payroll and Personnel Specialist
English is must.
Full Time
The ability to respond properly in any company emergency or safety situation. •The ability to complete enrollment and termination forms for all employees. •The ability to assist in organizing employee activities. •The ability to participate in the rotation of all bulletin board materials. •Preparing Trainees Salaries & issue the Payroll sheet to the Finance by doing the following: •Reviewing their Monthly Attendance. •Calculating the Overtime. •Deducting the absenteeism from their salaries. •Deducting any credit amounts and ensuring crediting to payroll. •Preparing the resignation with calculating the Final Settlement to be approved by the Managing Director. •Responsible for the End of Service system. •Review time sheets, compile employee time and payroll data from time sheets and other records, Work Charts, Misconducts and other information in order to detect and reconcile payroll discrepancies. •Reviewing Vacations Leaves on HITS system and doing the manual process for vacation leaves on the vacation request. •Configuring newly hired employees fingerprint on the Fingerprint System. •Reviewing all Department personnel forms for completeness, accuracy, timing and conformity. •Reconciling any credit amounts to staff and doing the necessary reporting to finance and ensuring crediting to payroll (Medical Invoices). •Following up with the Clinic for Equipments and reports needed.
HR Diploma is Assisting.
Human Resources
1 - 2 Years.
Full Package.
Motaz Yehia


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