Fresh Graduate IV Visa Clerk - American Embassy/Cairo/Egypt

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American Embassy/Cairo/Egypt
IV Visa Clerk
Level IV (fluent) of English and Arabic is required.
The incumbent is a Visa Clerk in the Immigrant/Diversity Visa Unit (IV/DV). The incumbent provides full clerical support for the Visa Section by (1) maintaining applicants’ personal documents and the IV/DV files system; (2) preparing travel packets for applicants after cases have been adjudicated and visas have been printed; (3) pre-screening immigrant and diversity visa cases scheduled for interview and entering data on these cases; (4) preparing cases for final evaluation and interview by the American Consular Officer; (5) responding to routine inquiries and correspondence related to Iv/DV cases.
1. Completion of secondary school is required. 2. Level IV (fluent) of English and Arabic is required.
0 Years.
2600 - 4500
(Summer Hire)- Temporary Hire not to exceed 6 months Apply with DS-174 Application Form
Neveen Elias


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