Junior Secretary - MGD Computer System

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MGD Computer System
Full Time
• Write all correspondence of the plant and the receipt of correspondence received and delivered to the various departments. • Receiving all the phones on the staff of the factory and converted them. • Receive all visitors to the factory and work to leave a good impression of their first time. • Supervision of cleanliness and order of all offices of the plant, and especially the reception area of the plant, and administrative offices in general. • Keep a diary of all the dates of any director by the command given to him. • Create, modify and save documents using Microsoft Office. • To perform clerical duties which include receiving and sending mail for all departments of the factory. • Save all incoming and outgoing documents and on the management of the factory and the secretarial work files IN / Out Files for faxes and letters and e-mail and regular mail. • Coordination with the Assistant Human Resources and Administrative Affairs with regard to meetings and other administrative matters of the plant. • Implementation of all orders as dictated by the management of secretarial assistant human resources and administrative affairs. • Adhere to the system of reporting followed the factory, with the work of periodic reports and other periodic charge them.
• Power in English language "Excellent" • A high degree of organization and achievement. • Fluent computer skills and use of MS Office applications with the willingness to learn other electronic applications as well as to provide a great deal of speed in the interaction with the computer
Business Administration
1 - 2 Years.
Ahmed Senosy


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