Senior Business Development Executive

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Senior Business Development Executive
Excellent command of the English Language
Full Time
• Responsible of the growth of the Company brands as well as the development of capable management teams to handle their daily implementation. • Coach, train, supervise and monitor the managers leading the company and create a second generation of leadership. • Create different modules / programs to accommodate the company targeted age groups (2 years to 14 years) and to cover the seasonality of their programs. • Develop budgets and responsible of designing new ideas or activities to replace non-profitable ones. • Manage new projects and initiatives during launch phase and ensure the smooth transition to a capable management team, always ensuring quality delivery, achievement of targets as well as financial and operational sustainability. • Establish and sustain local & international business partnerships to advance the quality and outreach of the company brands and programs. • Closely work with the company senior Management in the development of new initiatives, business leads and the launch of new projects or brands. • Promote and maintain good rapport and working relationships with other staff members. Maintain professional conduct in working with parents and staff, as well as visitors and the general public.
• Minimum of 4 years experience in the field of SERVICES business development. • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills are essential. • Highly polished and articulate, maintain a pleasant disposition and are able to establish and expand professional relationships with senior executives. • Strategic thinker, expert negotiator and have an intuitive marketing ability. • Possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit and thrive in dynamic and competitive environments.
Business Administration
3 - 5 Years.
Interested candidates are kindly requested to mention the job title in the subject line of the Email.
Sarah Mohey


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