Inventory Control Assistant-Qatar National Import and Export

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Qatar National Import and Export
Inventory Control Assistant
Full Time
The inventory control assistant is responsible for maintaining acceptable and accurate inventory levels. He must report shortages, overages and all inventory levels monthly for replenishment. This process ensures continued operations and avoids product or inventory shortages or excess. The inventory control assistant is responsible for communicating with all department managers and purchasing on inventory levels and locations. He must maintain a record of all transfers and disposal. The inventory controller must help in implementing and following a control system to reduce damage, breakage and inventory obsolescence. He is also responsible for assisting in the logistics department in logging all incoming inventory purchases. He must complete physical inventory counts as required by company policy. The assistant inventory controller must reconcile the inventory records for a complete and accurate count. Proper and accurate inventory policies help deter theft and inventory misuse and any other tasks assigned by his direct manager.
B.S. of commerce and 3-5 years experience on a similar position, preferred FMCG industry
3 - 5 Years.
High communication skills
yearly air tickets, medical insurance, accommodation and all GOV residence expenses
Ahmed Draz


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