Forming Manager - Kandil Steel

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Kandil Steel
Forming Manager
Fluent English.
Full Time
1- Manage and direct the day-to-day functions of the production process to reach objectives. 2- Ensure “Hot End” production and maintenance procedures to achieve performance standards taking into account quality, quantity, cost, timeliness, and safety factors. 3- Organize perfect Job changes and production data management. 4- Applies statistics capability studies and statistical process control. 5- Develops and implements systems to achieve established goals and objectives of the company. 6- Supervises and directs the work routine of manufacturing personnel in the Forming, Moulding and IS-Maintenance departments. 7- Establish and maintain effective communication with staff and management. 8- Improve production efficiency by reducing downtimes and production costs and implementing new production methods. 9- Provides training systems, on the job coaching, and support consistent with the needs of personnel and their assigned responsibilities. 10- Responsible for the equitable application of all employee policies, procedures, and rules of conduct. 11- Maintain and direct the activities of the various in house committees such as the safety and operation standards. 12- Assists Plant Manager in areas such as planning, organization, directing, evaluation and other activities designed to fulfill the company mission.
1- At least 10 years experience in the glass container industry with long term experience in the production (“Hot End”) department of a container glass plant. 2- Full knowledge of Glass forming processes (Blow & Blow, Press & Blow, Narrow Neck Press &Blow). 3- Able to demonstrate proven success in similar role within an International Company and the ability to successfully implement production plans and appropriate strategies. 4- Very strong technical acumen.
10-15 Years.
1- Able to motivate and manage an unskilled workforce. 2- A clear strategic thinker, able to translate vision into action. 3- Entrepreneurial and creative. 4- Good communicator able to transfer his/her message to the employees at every level. 5- Able to build and manage a team. 6- Cost conscious and bottom line oriented; goal and results oriented. 7- Excellent planning & organizational skills.
Mr. Mohamed Almoshy- Ms. Amina Hesham


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