Junior Computer Engineer

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Computer Engineer
Full Time
Assisting office workers with their computer desktop systems.Providing computer support services both for software and hardware for an organization’s employees Testing of computers and ensuring that computer systems are functioning properly.Physical setting up of computers and software system installation for various computer applications and programs.Identifying and solving any problems that affect computer operating systems.Discussing with individual staff members who work on the computers what the problems is in order to figure out how to help solve the problem. Individual assessments of computer systems to identify the problem(s).Help in examination of network servers equipment and maintenance Maintenance of networking systems Maintenance and upgrading of computer systems or offering recommendations on upgrades needed Networking and connecting computers within the same organization to enhance communication.Troubleshooting routine problems and maintenance of servers.Responsible for ordering or buying of computer systems that are required or alternatively, working in close liaison with the purchasing and supplies department. This is after carefully assessing the computer needs in the organization.Carrying out other duties as you may be requested by management.Maintaining other computer peripheral devices such as printers and solving printing problems if they arise.Constructing a backup system for the whole company
Ability to work without supervision.  Good communication skills.  Initiative. Ability to multi task.  Good at problem solving
1 - 2 Years.
Shaimaa N. Abdel Aziz


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