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Pro Tec
Local Purchasing Manager
Fluent in English
Full Time
2) Negotiate with the suppliers to reach the best price, quality, service and delivery time. 3) Analyze price offers and other data to determine reasonable prices. 4) Issue purchase order as needed ensuring on time delivery of the required quantities. 5) Follow up on the order with the supplier till receiving the goods. 6) Administer contracts with suppliers, vendors, and other representatives. 7) Check the market prices regularly to evaluate the open contracts prices. 8) Issue purchase report reflecting the status of purchase orders, the open and closed ones. 9) Follow the financial department till the supplier receives his cash. 10) Prepare database about suppliers in all areas with continuous update. 11) Review and follow up on all purchase requests made by concerned parties/departments.
B.SC of relevant academic study as well as 9 years of experience in the same field-at least the last 3 years in an industrial environment.
Accounting/ English
6 - 9 Years.
Excellent Planning, negotiation and Organization skills, team building and project management skills
Medical Insurance Social Insurance
kindly write the job title in the email subject
Mrs Yasmeen sabry


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