Logistics Manager - SE Wiring Systems Egypt

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SE Wiring Systems Egypt
Logistics Manager
English & Arabic
Full Time
Manage the logistics department over all the factory & Ensures smooth running of activities linked to Planning, Purchasing,Procurement, Customs & Transportation and warehouse.
• Ability to manage human resources/managerial skills • Experience in Supply Chain management and Logistics. • Technical knowledge of transportation and customs clearance • Awareness of Automotive industry Ordering, Invoicing & Logistics processes • Knowledge of Automotive EDI (Electronic Data interchange) standards and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) usage • Ability to prioritise many requests based on business case and to apply diplomacy whilst under pressure to satisfy all such requests • University degree or equivalent • 3+ years of logistics activities experience • Planning, Procurement, Stores, Shipping & Transportation Process Knowledge • Strong Analytical skills • Ability to speak English fluently • Organised & well structured.
3 - 5 Years.
• Personal Organisation • Problem solving and Decision making • Teamwork • Motivation • Attention to detail • Flexibility
Multinational Standard
Reham Soliman

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