Fresh Graduate Customer Service Agent

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Customer Service Agent
Full Time
•Solving and handling all cardholders Problems & Complaints to the utmost satisfaction. •Applying banks policies and requirements for cardholders’ demands. •Delivering cardholders complaints & requests to their banks when needed via email or phone. •Answering customers Inquiries about cards issues and some of the bank services or offers. •Filling and filing the required reports. •Following up emails and faxes received from all banks. •Taking actions on cards by changing cards status as activation for new cards & deactivation for stolen or lost cards, etc…
Education: University Graduate. Experience: Fresh graduate. Languages: Fluent command for English & French. Computer Skills : Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel & Outlook
0 Years.  
Oral Comprehension & Expression, Speech Clarity, Near Vision, Number Facility, Written Expression.
Walid Mohamed


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