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Planning Engineer
Fluent English Language
Full Time
-Mentoring and control of cost and advising the slippage and procurement plan. -- Financial Budget achievement - Material Requirement plan - Production plan approval - Purchase request approval - Capacity approval - Planning and controlling the production processes in the factory through supervising setting the daily, weekly and monthly production plans and following-up on the production processes progress in order to achieve the expected productivity within the allocated budgets, guarantee the optimum utilization of all the available resources and improve and develop the production processes by taking into consideration the continuous availability of the manpower and raw materials to avoid the differences existence between the actual and the expected production plan and taking the needed corrective procedures.
10 years experience in construction industry Diploma in Project Planning.
Civil Engineering
10-15 Years.
-Excellent Communication and Negotiation Skills)-Problem Solving skills-Decision-making skills.
Rehab El Shorbagy


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