Fresh Graduate Content Management Specialist - Hindawi Publishing Corporation

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Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Content Management Specialist
Good command of both written and spoken English.
Full Time
1. Checking the e-mail for new tasks and/or updates. 2. Checking the Online Priority Report for new articles ready to be online. 3. Receiving the source files (XML and PDF) from the production unit to the online archive and checking the md5. 4. Checking the PDF and XML files for any corrections --if needed -- and contacting the production unit. 5. Checking the PDF/A for the PDF files and optimizing it if needed. 6. Getting the user ID for the authors from the MTS and creating reference file for each XML file. 7. Checking the database for the type of the article (Regular or Special). 8. Uploading the XML file to the local web site (test mode) and revise it with the PDF. 9. Uploading the final PDF to the web site by FTP. 10. Uploading the XML file to the ODS and updating the journal volume. 11. Updating the database record for the published articles. 12. Creating an HTML files for the new Calls for Papers (the source received form the CRU) and sending for copy editing. 13. Sending the copy edited HTML files to the production unit to create identical PDF files. 14. Uploading the PDF files to the web site by the FTP, and HTML files to the ODS. 15. Responding to the CRU, Marketing departments to inform them with new Call for Paper.
Bachelor’s degree in any field.
0 Years.
Preferred to have XML and HTML skills.
Please write (Amcham/CM) in the subject line of your email.
Mai Fayez


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