Junior Financial Editor

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Financial Editor
Full Time
•Proof reads all financial documents to ensure they are grammatically correct, logical, well structured, and coherent •Formats and edits financial statements and other related financial documents. •Working with English specialists to enhance the language of the document •Paying close attention to the use of appropriate terminology specific to the subject •Ensuring that all documents meet quality benchmarks
* Bachelor Degree in a relevant discipline. * 1-3 years of experience in the field. * Previous experience in editing a variety of financial reports including equity research, business research and industry notes. * Previous experience with working on pitch books, pre-deal evaluation, commercial due diligence for the buy side, sell side, hedge funds, banks, and independent research providers. * Passing of CFA Levels (any) will be an added advantage. * Fluent in English, Arabic and French is an advantage.
1 - 2 Years.
Yasmine Nofal


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