Lawyer - Arab Poultry Breeders Co.(OMMAT)

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Arab Poultry Breeders Co.( OMMAT )
Very Good in English
Full Time
1-Reviewing all types of contracts. 2-Following up & finalize all the issues at courts especially labor cases. 3-Helping other departments by offering a legal opinion in their works drafting Arabic & English Contracts. 4-Finalize all issues concerning establishment of subsidiaries abroad and negotiations with attorneys abroad to finalize this issue.
•3-5 Years of experience. •Graduated from Faculty of Law. •Very good computer skills &Very good Report writing skills. •Very Good command of English.
3 - 5 Years.
Self Confidence- Decision making-working under stress-Eager to learn.
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Mr. Mahmoud El Naggar / Ms. Engee Darwesh

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  1. Name : Tawfik Mahmoud Tawfik Ewada
    Address : Building 42, Flat #4 Sheraton Heliopolis cooperatives
    House Tel. No. : 0122 1334040
    Mobile : 01119824000
    Religion : Muslim Nationality : Egyptian
    Qualification : Bachelor of Military sciences – Licentiate of law

    At present a lawyer at court of higher appeal, higher administrative court, owner of an advocation office, legal consultations, member of the Arab organization for human rights
    Specialized in the following fields :
    Criminal courts – civil courts – legitimate courts – commercial courts – commercial judicature – state security courts – higher military courts and companies foundation.
    Legal advisor for some companies and newspapers, achieved hundreds and several lawsuits in the aforesaid fields
    Practices the press work at informants newspaper .
    Chief of the political affairs, auditor of the part a "under my responsibility" at the informants newspaper.

    Previous experiences : Colonel at armed forces (air defense rockets)
    Practiced investigations and legal affairs at the air defense forces.

    Email : …