QHSE Supervisor

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QHSE Supervisor
Arabic & English fluency
Full Time
•Setting Monthly audit plan for auditing all business lines in coordination with the productive departments •Ensuring cyclical re-checking of the productive sites. •Ensuring there is a valid and suitable “Audit Check List” •Supervising and managing the individuals belonging to the department •Analyze records for QHSE audits and take necessary actions. •Issue, improve and maintain the required reports (CARS/PARS log,etc.) •Application, development and preservation of the environment management system, in addition to OSHA according to the demands of the ISO 18001 OHSAS-14001. •Taking the suitable procedures to confirm the application of the environment, occupational safety and health policy, and to ensure it meets the demands of the system, as well as to record any environmental problems. •Determining the training courses related to both the environmental and occupational safety and health systems and ensuring that the requirements and the training that are registered in the training matrix are applied and completed. •Determining the dangerous substances and collecting safety and health instructions from the exporters of raw materials, to issue the handling instructions accordingly. •Monitoring and coordinating all emergencies. •Issuing and implementing test plans and performing them with the suitable investigation in case of anomalous results •Providing training for the individuals of the department in order to practice the various method of quality and revision
1-Proven track record in Quality control field (3-4 years) 2-Good Knowledge of Statistical analysis Methods 3-Good Knowledge of Process control methods and techniques 4-Very good knowledge of English Language 5-Good computer Skills.
3 - 5 Years.
1-Communication Skills 2-Team Work Skills 3-Organized and Quality, Safety Oriented 4-Analytical Abilities 5-Attention for Details
Location is in 6th of October city
Miss Hend


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