Sales Mechanical Engineer - HCH Supply Co.

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HCH Supply Co.
Sales Mechanical Engineer
Full Time
This position is focused on sales, and supports the Customer Service broad range of activities. The candidate may be asked to follow up specific projects or help with business development. Primary activities will include Sales, Intelligence Gathering, & Contract Negotiation. Activities will include writing reports, giving presentations, and research.
Applicant should have strong technical and computer skills, good command of English, be capable of working within a team and individually, have his own car, but MUST be Socially Inclined. This position requires a strong personality who can maneuver through various levels of corporate and field hierarchies.
Mechanical Engineering
10-15 Years.
More than 6000
If you have 10 years of related work experience with heavy machinery (Gas Turbines preferred),and are passionate about the exciting industry of Oil & Gas, then we would like to hear from you.
Sherine Hussine


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