Fresh Graduate HR Coordinator - Samcrete Egypt

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Samcrete Egypt
HR Coordinator
Fluent English language
Full Time
•Coordinate with department heads and assist in the development of the Manpower Plan •Liaise with Recruitment specialist to agree on job specifications and requirements •Shortlist candidates against Job Descriptions and forward CVs to Line Managers for review •Organize interview(s) and coordinate interview schedules •Process and prepare job offer(s), rejection letters as applicable •Manage and update the recruitment DB •Update and track all internal/external applicants as they move through the recruitment process •Monitor and provide feedback to all internal referrals and their referred candidates •Compile monthly and quarterly recruitment statistics •Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned
A college degree and experience and/or interest in HR preferred. Excellent organizational, communication and writing skills
0 Years.
Excellent computer skills. Communications, planning and organizing. Ability to work under pressure.
Excellent Package.
Please mention job title in the subject line otherwise your resume will be disregarded
Ms. Madonna Hany

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