Fresh Graduate Production Specialist - EVA Cosmetics / EVA Pharma

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EVA Cosmetics / EVA Pharma
Production Specialist
Full Time
1- Review on the Receipt of batch record after the Production Manager through secretary of the production. 2- Review on Exchange for raw materials from the store after making sure of the release of all raw materials with follow-up to transfer to the production hall to prepare with the implementation of all the instructions for deliberation and instructions of Prevention of cross contamination & line clearance. 3- Follow-up processing and preparation with the clean line technician operating in accordance with the instructions of the operation and cleaning machines to ensure compliance to cleaning quality. 4- Review on the start of the preparation according to the preparation steps and environmental conditions which recorded in the batch record. 5- Ensure batches are closed and receive Overstocks Batch after a distinguished with a card (under examination) until get quality approval to deal with it in accordance with the instructions of the reproduction and then follow-up re-packaging. 6- Participate with research in the production of new products. 7- Follow-up repair machine during operation by using the reporting form for failure during operation. 8- Ensure provide of the personal protection equipments and follow-up to attend the departure of employees and their dependents. 9- Uniforms and training of workers and evaluate its affiliate
1- Bachelor of pharmaceutical science. 2- 0-3 years of experience.
0 Years.
Lydia Alber


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