Fresh Graduate Purchasing Representative - Edita Food Industries S.A.E.

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Edita Food Industries S.A.E.
Purchasing Representative
Full Time
1-Implementation of procurement procedures under agreed upon conditions, and with commitment to provided rules. 2-Implementation of the procurement cycle according to internal manual and constant follow- upon delivery, solving arising supply problems. 3-Obtaining various offers for supply of different items, according to all each specialized scope and work on renewal of offers and resources. 4-Matching technical specifications with special offers and compare them and get official approval on selected offers. 5-Ensuring the conformity of the technical specifications on purchase orders with the items provided by different suppliers. 6-Search and find appropriate sources of supply and regulations adopted by the company.
- Bachelors Degree in any discipline - Efficiency in both English and Arabic languages. - Strong communication and negotiation skills. - Proficiency in Computer use.
0 Years.
Olivia Emile


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