Head of Financial Department - Giant group co. Carton industry

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Giant group co. Carton industry
Head of Financial Department
Strong written and verbal English/ Arabic communication skills.
Full Time
1.Supervising on the preparation of estimated balance of the company with other sides aid 2.Follow-up commitment of provision of implementation of the rules and instructions of adopted balance 3.Follow-up financial and fund status to ensure the balancing between transferring and paying and the provision of liquidity to meet the demands of work and production 4.Follow-up the implementation of Predetermined estimated programs of expenses and revenues and constructions and making periodic reports 5.Supervising on the preparation of final accounts of balance sheet of the company before submitting it to the different sides 6.Supervise on standard cost accounting and preparation of analyzing reports and notes of distributing expenses on cost centers and follow-up deviations if exist and Make suggestions and compare actual costs with estimated costs for the operation and implementation of economic fundamentals 7.Observe the procedures of the reservation to the assets and property of the company and update the records step by step 8.Supervision of the coffers of the company and organizing it limits of laws, regulations and financial systems 9.Participate in preparing financial estimation of proposed projects before starting. 10.Supervise on preparation of required replies to control and consultant authorities 11.Assessing the financial implications of new or existing ventures
Graduations Level and Specialization: Highly qualified commercial Training and Certificates: Cross training programs in the field of senior management
6 - 9 Years.
1.Strong written and verbal English/ Arabic communication skills. 2.Competent financial modeling skills in ERP applications 3.Experience working in lending institutions will be an asset. 4.Strong analytical skills. 5.Experience in the negotiation, interpretation & management of loan agreements and various project contracts. 6.Problem solving and decision making 7.Strategy development and Implementation
1.Employees appraisal performance depends on KPIs. 2.Reviewing the budget of the Co.
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