Recruitment & Training Coordinator - Total Egypt

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Total Egypt
Recruitment & Training Coordinator
Full Time
• Setting Training & Development plan and follow up on execution with training providers. • Responsible for finding the best training options, choosing a provider, and scheduling sessions. • Assessing and reporting training effectiveness to upper management. This includes determining the impact of training on employee skills as well as assessing how it affects key performance indicators and the bottom line itself. • The person who is in charge of training is responsible for making sure that training expenditures do not exceed the budgeted amount. • Insure all recruitment needs are satisfied timely. • Coordinate with department managers to determine the training needs and oversees the development of courses to meet those needs. • Coordinate recruitment needs with appropriate hiring managers. • Analyze, respond to and resolve recruitment issues
able to handle a wide variety of administrative duties and project management tasks. This type of job requires strong interpersonal communication abilities, the ability to multitask, and outstanding organizational skills.
Business Administration
6 - 9 Years.
Khaled Bassyoni


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