Senior Political Specialist - American Embassy/Cairo/Egypt

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American Embassy/Cairo/Egypt
Senior Political Specialist
English - Arabic
Full Time 
The incumbent acts as the Senior Political and Supervisor of LES staff in the combined Economic and Political Section (ECPO). As the Senior Analyst in the ECPO section, the incumbent will be called upon to provide analysis of trends in Egyptian politics, Egypt’s economy and its external relations that will be used to guide decisions taken by U.S.G. policy makers. The incumbent will be called upon regularly to advise the Ambassador and VIP visitors as the senior most analyst in the section, the incumbent must demonstrate initiative in seeking key contacts, providing analysis and exercising independent judgment regarding recommended follow-on action by U.S. personnel. Incumbent is also responsible for the supervision of seven LES staff in the Political division and three LES staff in the Economic division.
1. Possession of a University degree preferably in Political Science, History, International Relations, Liberal Arts, is required. 2. Six to ten years of experience in management and social /political / economic research and analysis is required. 3. Level IV (fluent) in English and Arabic, with capacity for nuance, written translation/analysis, and sound ability for consecutive and simultaneous interpretation is required.
6 - 9 Years.
More than 6000
All applicants must submit a completed DS-174 application form (link: or they will not be considered.
Lamiaa Hafez


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