Maintenance Engineer With Salary Up To 4500 LE

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Maintenance Engineer
Full Time
•Maintain sufficient inventories of tools, parts and supplies in order to properly maintain the factory. •Keeps storage and shop areas in a neat, well stocked, clean organized manner. •Assist factory manager with operation of maintenance operating budgets in accordance with company objectives. •Ensures strict adherence to factory key control policy and budget. •Regularly inspects factory for safety and security issues, including, but not limited to non-functioning lights, ground and trip hazards, broken fences, exposed wiring, pot-holes and sewer line breaks. •Work with maintenance staff to ensure that resident maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner and that proper follow-through is done. •Works with factory manager to hire, train and develop on-site maintenance employees according to company policy and procedure. •Works with maintenance employees and other factory staff to develop and effective, proactive team that works together to achieve factory objectives. •Ensures adherence to company safety standards, policies and procedures. •Works with factory manager to conduct regular on-site safety meetings and insures compliance with all safety regulations, including OSHA, hazard communications. Insure all hazardous materials are properly labeled, store and handled. •Works with factory staff to maximize renewals by performing maintenance procedures as required by the factory renewal program.
Good communication skills; good leadership skills; working knowledge of maintenance practices and procedures.
Mechanical Engineering
3 - 5 Years.
Computer skills :MS Word – Excel – PPT
2600 - 4500
Ms. Marwa Hassan