Junior Sales Account Manager - nhanc

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Job Title
sales account manager
Job Type
Full Time
Arabic + English
1. Develop relationships with loyal clients; ask for their feedbacks and provide feedbacks to the marketing units for purpose of enhancing the quality of service;
2. Responsible for all client communications, conflict resolution, and compliance on client deliverables and revenue.
3. Reviews all major deliverables to ensure quality standards and client expectations are met.
4. Ensures that client issues are dealt with in an efficient manner, informing the Management team of any problems that may arise.
5. Owns the contract and contract renewals for new work for an existing client.
6. Aware and in pursuit of opportunities for account growth and new business, involving the Management, Sales or other involved groups.
7. Communicates the client's goals and represent the client's interests to the team.
8. Provides regular two-way communication between the client and team, to provide strong team representation and set proper client expectations.
9. Understanding of company capabilities and service, and effectively communicates all offerings to the client.
10. Reports to the General Manager, providing regular input on all account activity, including status and call reports on a weekly basis.
1. Extremely detail oriented
2. Motivated, goal oriented, persistent and a skilled negotiator
3. High level of initiative and work well in a team environment
4. Excellent written and oral communication skills
5. Handles stressful situations and deadline pressures well
6. Plans and carries out responsibilities with minimal direction
Education Major
1. English school graduated 2. Bachelor degree or equivalent degree in the same domain 3. 1-3 years of experience in the same domain 4. Medical/insurance background are preferred
1-3 years
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