Procurement Manager Urgently Needed

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Job Title
Procurement Manager
Job Type
Full Time
Egypt (6th of October City)
Procurement Manager would handle the responsibility of buying the requisite service or goods needed by our company.

The job of Procurement Manager involves
-Sourcing and purchasing goods and services for the company according to its available budget for each department.
-The purchasing of raw materials on a tender basis
-Close control of purchasing budgets, negotiating with suppliers, ensuring delivery schedules are met and preparing ongoing reports for company executives
-A university graduate with experience that ranges from 3-6 years
- Enjoying in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing sector, with experience and/or a degree in logistics, business administration or purchasing an advantage
- Good at finance and managing budgets
-Residents of October city are preferred.
3-6 years
Other Skills
-Planning, organizing, financial, budgeting and decision-making skills are all essential requirements, as are leadership and communications abilities.
-Strong market awareness, attention to detail and problem-solving are also necessary attributes.
-Forecasting, planning, and correctly assessing needs.
- Ability to network and negotiate
Salaries for the position are commensurate with the responsibility involved dependent on experience.
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