Senior Medical Representative - nhanc for cloud technology With Salary Up To 3500 LE

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nhanc for cloud technology
Job Title
Senior Medical Representative
Job Type
Full Time
English and Arabic
The Selected candidate will be responsible for:-

1. Responsible for a particular geographical area and particular products line.
2. Ensure that the sales teams working there are meeting the target numbers
3. Set up objectives and goals, and a plan of action about how to achieve them.
4. Get in touch with physicians and also build new relations with potential professionals
5. Identify potential physicians and their needs and expand his base by bringing in new ones.
6. Work closely with other departments, especially the marketing and accounts department, to figure out an effective sales strategy that will boost sales
7. Set a budget and ensure that all the work takes place without exceeding the budget
8. Submit regular reports on the progress of the sales team and is also responsible for their appraisal
9. Coach and mentor sale team daily.
10. Follow on market and customer information and on future buying trends
Below are required Skills and Specifications:-

1. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
2. He/She must be persuasive, well-mannered and have good negotiation skills
3. He/She needs to motivate his team and must be a good leader
4. He/She must be good with numbers
Education Major
Medical related is preferred
Job Contact person
Job Contact Email