Social Media Specialist - Digital Republic

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Employer: Digital Republic

Job Title: Social Media Specialist

Languages: Arabic/English

Country: Egypt

Job Type: Full time - Entry level

Description: You will be in charge of a brand's social media presence
from A-Z with full responsibility of all communication and campaigns
being launched. We will be responsible for teaching you all the skills
that you need in order to be a strong, capable social media guy, or
girl. In return we expect you to be dedicated to your brands, and
treat them as your own babies. You will be coming up with creative
content/campaigns then implementing them, and finally evaluating it's

Being a digital native you are aware of all that is happening on
social media. From current trends and Pinterest to digital campaigns
both locally and globally. Most importantly though you must be up for
the challenge, the challenge of enjoying communicating with fans and
followers and sending them a message the client wants in a way they
want to hear.

Qualifications: Extreme passion, interest and dedication for social media

Gender: Male/Female

Education major: Bachelors degree

Experience: None required

Salary (L.E.): Competitive


Job Contact Person: Hatem Seoudi

Job Contact Email:



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