Junior HR Coordinator Urgently required for an outsourcing & recruitment services company

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Urgently required for an outsourcing & recruitment services company in Mohandseen, an HR Coordinator
with at least 1 year of professional experience in the same field to perform the following tasks:
• Handle all internal and external recruitment requests including the preparation of recruitment advertisements, contacting online agencies for offers, handling applicants screening process, categorizing and filing the received resumes in the database program.
• Send resumes to clients after being reviewed by the Senior HR Specialist.
• Follow up the invoices status with clients.
• Assist in preparing tenders & proposals by surveying market salaries and preparing candidates' resumes.
• Conduct employee opinion survey to enhance morale of employees & organize motivation effort.
• Collect the employees hiring documents and prepare their employment contracts and forward it to Sr. HR Specialist for review.
• Update the Governmental Relations unit with the new hires and exit employees in order to handle labor and social insurance authorities’ requirements.
• Assist in the payroll preparation process.
• Maintain proper and secure filing of employees’ contracts in alignment with the labor law requirements.
• Validate and implement medical insurance plan for all employees to provide a satisfactory medical service and ensure compliance with the set policies and procedures.
• Respond to employees inquiries regarding their employment in order to maintain cooperative relationships.
• Maintain accurate and up-to-date training records for all staff.
• Assist the Senior HR Specialist in the preparation of the periodical report on training activities in order to support HR Manager in decisions making.
• Update the database of training companies and institutes for future reference
If interested, plz send your updated CV to: Manpower@first-egyptian.com


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