Junior Tele-Sales Agent - Click ITS Group

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Employer: Click ITS Group
Job Title: Tele-Sales Agent
Languages Country: Arabic-Excellent English
Country: Egypt

Job Type: Sales & Marketing
Description: to work directly with existing and new customers. This employee will be representing the business directly to the customer and must have a complete understanding of the products or services being offered and the ability to showcase the benefits and any specialized features to finalize or influence any potential business transaction. A telesales worker must also log customer information and enter it into the company data base for customer profiling and sales tracking.
Gender: Female
Education major: Any
Experience: 1 year
Salary (L.E.): 1100 basic + Commission 
Comments: Should be of Cairo Residents and veiled. 
Job Contact Person: Gehad Ashraf
Job Contact Email: Gehad.ashraf@click-group.com
Website: www.click-group.net


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