Business Process Specialist-Intercom

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Job Title
Business Process Specialist (Ref. BP-SPL)
Fluent spoken and written English Language.
Egypt (Nasr City, Cairo)

Job Type
Full Time
Duties & Responsibilities:
Develops, implements, monitors, and controls organizational development administrative function.
Implements unified work flow processes and procedures supervises their effectiveness, collects recommendations and produces reports
Maintains organizational development plans, monitors development efforts, and produces regular progress report.
Collects all organizational development related templates, check for completeness; and forwards them to organizational development management.
Prepares organizational development templates, reports, and presentations.
Checks the functionality of the processes applied, and the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Internal Control System within the organizational development department; Makes recommendations for corrections of unsatisfactory conditions, as well as accelerating the processes applied in accordance to the knowledge obtained and reports them to organizational development management.
Assist in creating organizational development innovative ideas.
Participate in implementation of approved organizational development innovative ideas projects from inception to successful implementation.
Maintains regular audit assignments plan; Collects draft audit reports, and combines them to issue full audit results reports, as well as corrections recommendations for unsatisfactory conditions and presents them to organizational development management for approval.
Maintains all proposed process improvement IT Solutions, follow up with them till either approvals or rejections. Forwards approved IT solutions to organizational development management for planning and implementation, and archives rejected IT Solutions.
Maintains implementation plans for the approved process improvement IT Solutions, collects change requests, and follow up with them till either approvals or rejection. Updates plans for approved change requests and archives rejected requests.
Coach/Train and mentor peers in process improvement and problem-solving principles, communicating generally applicable knowledge in the form of transfer of know how.
Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
Previous official education in Quality Management concepts
Ability to work for long hours
Economic and/or Commercial background
Related Market Background
Proficient in Microsoft office
Working knowledge of Microsoft Project
Excellent communication
Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
4+ years
Salary (L.E.)
Additional Skills
Excellent Computer skills.
Ability to work under pressure in a dynamic environment.
Excellent communication, business writing & interpersonal skills.

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