Brand Manager - Gozour Agro (A subsidiary of Citadel Capital)

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Gozour Agro (A subsidiary of Citadel Capital)
Brand Manager
Excellent command of English
Full Time
 Engage, inspires and galvanizes the organization around the brand vision, position and strategies so they are clear in bringing them to life in their areas of functional expertise.  Participate in brand strategy discussions and in setting consumer target.  Participate on a cross-functional team to develop new ideas for the retail business following the process, including analyzing information to help set the sales forecast and financials and writing concept statements for consumer testing.  Analyze historical new retail store launches, and reports on vitality rates.  Analyze consumer trends and information, and categories to help identify product categories to enter as future sources of growth.  Drive consumer understanding and insights that defines our prime prospects’ needs, attitudes and values in order for consumers to have stronger and more impactful brand experiences.  Lead consumer and brand learning plan development and oversees execution and findings of research studies.  Analyze market, consumer, and competitive information to support brand manager in setting new product pricing and managing price on existing items.  Analyze consumer, category, competition, and channel/customer as part of a situation assessment.  Develop pricing & pack strategies, improved margin mix, trade spending plans and distribution goals in order to develop actionable KPI’s.
- Major: Business Administration - 3-5 years of experience in brand management - Excellent Communication skills - Strong Leadership capabilities - Result oriented - Strong analytical skills - Strong interpersonal skills
Business Administration
3 - 5 Years.
Please disclose the job title in the email subject line.
Dina Ghanem


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