Junior Recruitment Coordinator - Top Business

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Top Business
Recruitment Coordinator
Full Time
1.Receive vacancy requests and contact the clients for any missing information and their exact required competencies. 2.Perform the search in accordance with the required qualifications, job descriptions and competencies. 3.Conduct phone screening for the applicable CVs. 4.Set face to face initial interview to the shortlisted candidates. 5.Shortlist the suitable candidates, according to the client’s competencies and values. 6.Give the matching candidates the offer and brief information about the client. 7.Compile a shortlist and send candidates CVs for the clients. 8.Coordinate and schedule appointments for the approved applicants to be interviewed by the client. 9.Get feedback from the client on the candidates after conducting the interviews. 10.Get feedback from candidates on their impression about the company and interview process. 11.Follow up on the hiring date, salary. 12.Invoice preparation of selected candidates.
•Minimum 1 year experience in the recruitment field. •Fluent English.
1 - 2 Years.
Heba Riad


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