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Spice Kingdom
Production Manager
English Is Must.
Full Time
• drawing up a production schedule; and setting the quality standards; monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed; i.e. coordinating and controlling of industrial processes. • supervising and motivating a team of workers. At the pre-production stage, the production manager is responsible for: the selection and design of equipment; the plant layout; materials handling; and production planning (including demand forecasting, production scheduling and ordering of material). A production manager ensures that goods and services are produced efficiently; that they are of the right quality, quantity, and that they are produced on time, to the satisfaction of the customer.
Previous experience working in food processing - Experience In Flower Mill Production. Gravity table operation In dent cylinder operation. Previous experience with dried herbs is a plus - Ability to work in a team setting - Ability to work under time constraints
Agricultural Engineering
6 - 9 Years.
Competitive salary-Health benefits
Job location:Industrial area part1 ,Obour city.
Ihab William


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